Sustainable Development


Environment is important for us. And as a festival, we are aware of our social and environmental responsibility in the realization of our event. Here are some actions put forward by our team to do our part towards a more eco-friendly festival.

Green Initiatives

  • Disposal of single-use water bottles in the operations of the festival: backstages are now equipped with water dispenser and eco-cups.
  • Eliminate as much as possible of unique packaging for backstages by offering bulk products;
  • Decrease of the amount of paper used by favoring new media and our mobile application to the detriment of traditional print advertising, in a more limited quantity;
  • Choice of local suppliers in the Montreal area to reduce GHG emissions related to transportation;
  • Pedestrian route: all Zoofest venues are less than 15 minutes of walk from each other;
  • Proximity of the festival with the metro stations St-Laurent and Place-des-Arts, and Bixi stations;
  • Recovery of cigarette butts on our outdoor area;
  • Printing of advertising material on 100% recycled paper;
  • Fully digital ticketing system;
  • Installation of a sorting center in collaboration with RECYC-QUÉBEC throughout the Zoofest outdoor site and indoor theaters to sensitize festival-goers to optimal sorting of their residual materials.

Economic Component: Responsible Purchasing and Local Support

The goal is to maximize local economic benefits, here are the actions put in place to achieve this goal:

  • Opt for local and sustainable goods and services (all our suppliers are from the Montreal area: communications, technology, etc.)
  • Adopt a responsible eco-design approach for technical services by renting rather than buying the necessary equipment and materials for the event;
  • Delivery of found objects to local eco-centers;
  • Economic spin-offs on the Quartier des spectacles' stores, bars and restaurants due to the significant traffic generated by the Festival and our tourism partnerships highlighting local businesses.

We wish to thank our partners and venues that support us in the implementation of these initiatives: RECYC-QUÉBEC, Monument National, Katacombes, Astral, Theâtre Ste-Catherine, Montreal Improv and P’tit Impro.