Tyler Rourke

Tyler Rourke

Tyler Rourke was born in a suburb of Montreal. He was a bright, handsome and ambitious boy, the pride and joy of his parents and especially his mother. He was educated in the public schools and began to make comedy in high school, where he was active and found a few successes. The parts of his boyhood that mattered most to him were summers spent with his family on Walloon Lake, near Petoskey, Michigan.

Tyler Rourke has had a strong influence on his immediate surroundings in terms of his comedic endeavours. While his adventurous lifestyle and public image brought him admiration from his peers, his slim body of work and reclusive lifestyle brought him criticism from those very same peers. “Slim thus far!” Rourke was quoted saying when asked about his body of work. “I would rather be left alone now.” He went on to say when asked about the reclusiveness.

Tyler Rourke was from an Irish Catholic family. His father, Richard Rourke, was from an Irish Catholic family. His father’s father, Howard Rourke, was from an Irish Catholic family. A long lineage of Irish Catholics families preceded Rourke’s own Irish Catholic family.

After graduating from high school in 2015, Tyler Rourke decided to stay in Montreal to find work doing manual labor. Ranging from construction worker to janitor to warehouse employee, although never forklift certified, very capable at the helm of one. Rourke would eventually decide to continue the artistic development he had pursued in his youth by enrolling at the world renowned comedy academy L’École National De l’Humour


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