Renzel F. Dashington

Renzel F. Dashington

Haitian by blood and Montrealer by heart, committed citizen, producer but above all, a comedian who believes he can say anything… if it’s said well!

His journey is atypical, to say the least. Spread over several continents, multiple careers and filled with extraordinary encounters and relationships with artists, businessmen and even heads of state. Renzel began his career as an event promoter in Montreal at the end of the 90s and since then a 20 year long career in show business as an artist manager, international tour director, producer, publisher. (Collaborations Corneille, Craig David, David Guetta etc….)

When it comes to comedy: “Honestly, I was out of reasons not to do it,”

Five years ago, when he celebrated his 40th birthday, Renzel took the stage for the first time.

5 years later, Renzel is here! With precise, sharp humor, both Deep & Ratchet. Through a pandemic, Renzel showcased his first One Man show. Yo, the baileys are f*cked up” to packed houses, largely through word of mouth,

Renzel with his soft amber, assured voice presents a type of comedy that is pleasant sweet insolent impertinence, his writing is precise and never borders on vulgarity…he’s funny AF

Last spring, Renzel was in Paris, where he gave 27 performances in 14 days in the biggest comedy clubs in the city. His humor makes you laugh and makes you think. He’s sensitive and corrosive. He talks about his doubts, he evokes relationships, love in your 30–40’s while skillfully taking a critical look at society in the skin of a black man.

His internet show: “C Koi le Baille” broadcasted online counts over 200 episodes to date, over 150 guests and more than 5 million views. If he is recognized today for his activism, as one of CBC’s 2022 Changemanker. Dashington is also one of the founders of the production company Bad Boys du Rire, an organization that has been able to promote more than 200 comedians from Montreal's cultural diversity since 2017.

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