Melanie Bracewell

At just 26 years old, Melanie is taking the comedy world by storm.

The Kiwi won the prestigious “Best Newcomer” award for her first solo show in the NZ International Comedy Festival. With goofy observations and natural stage charisma, Melanie is a master of anecdotes. In 2018, Melanie won the famed “Billy T Award”, in 2019 she performed as part of the invite only Just For Laughs Comedy Festival at the Sydney Opera House, and in 2021 she won the coveted Directors’ Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

And she only got busier in 2021 & 2022, co-hosting ‘The Cheap Seats’, which has been renewed for 2023 and making regular appearances on ‘Have you Been Paying Attention?’ in Australia and New Zealand.

When she’s not on stage, Melanie is a social media powerhouse. Whether she’s filming content for her TikTok channel, which has had over ten million likes and writing for the more than 250,000 followers of her blog.

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