Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane is a comedian from Addison, Illinois. According to Wikipedia, he is a notable person from that town. Other notable residents of Addison have been the boxer Leon Spinks and a woman who wrote poetry about Beanie Babies. As a comedian raised in such a cultural fondue pot as this, it was natural for Kyle to find his way from warehouse work into show business. He has been seen on Conan, The Tonight Show, Netflix’s “The Standups,” and three of his own hour-length specials on Comedy Central. As an actor, he’s been in the Judd Apatow series “Love” and truTV’s “Those Who Can’t.” He was also on “Drunk History,” where he unfortunately wasn’t acting. As a voice over actor, he was the former voice of Comedy Central for 8 years and currently plays Bullet on the Netflix series “Paradise PD.” He is also cohost of the Boogie Monster podcast along with Dave Stone, and the podcast “No Accounting for Taste” with Shane Torres. As a musician, he has done nothing, as he is not a musician. In 2020, in partnership with 800 LB Gorilla Records, Kyle released an animated short produced by Meister alongside his album “Trampoline In A Ditch” to critical acclaim. Kyle’s newest effort “Shocks & Struts” released in 2023 on YouTube marks his return to live-action stand-up after his 2018 set on Netflix’s “The Standups.” “When you’re here, you’re family.”

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