Our mission

Zoofest & OFF- JFL has been on the Montreal scene since 2009. Founded to provide a meeting place between the public and the newcomers in humor, theater and music, Zoofest is a playground for new faces just like the most established, 60 minutes at a time. From a first hour of material to the creation of a new concept show, or the running of a fifth solo show, Zoofest offers a freedom of creation to the artists it broadcasts by allowing them to think outside the box and offer original content to its curious festival-goers.

Our history

Founded in 2009, Zoofest was born from the idea of ​​giving more room to the next generation, in a format that suits them better. Smaller rooms to allow greater proximity with the public and promote risk taking. With 24 days of festivities every July, the festival wanted from its beginnings to be the ultimate event to discover the best of the emerging scene in the heart of summer in Montreal.

Initially available only in theaters, the festival is gaining momentum and is also set up outdoors to offer a free showcase of its programming to Montrealers in 2015. The festival was also a first school for many faces established today; let's think of François Bellefeuille, Phil Roy, Katherine Levac and Jay du Temple.

After 5 years of existence, the OFF-JFL is merged with the Zoofest entity, which allows even more explorations in both official languages. In 2015, the festival started producing original shows, with strong brands such as the Ben voyons donc! and La Table d’hôte, and other new concepts each year.

In 2018, the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary: ​​10 years of risk-taking, more than 240 days of festivities, and countless artists who have walked the streets of Montreal, whether they are from here or elsewhere in the world. This anniversary was highlighted by a grand gala, the Gala du 10e, which brought together artists who have marked the last 10 years of the festival.

With more than 125 shows, 250 artists and thousands of festival-goers each year, Zoofest is a flagship event for emerging artists in July, year after year.

Unique programming

What makes Zoofest unique is the variety of its programming. With the heart of its mission to radiate new faces, festival-goers are invited every year to discover new artists in new concepts. Whether through concept shows that bring together comedians around common themes, established artists who take risks while playing new material, first-time performances or even humorous theater, the uniqueness of the program is which reminds festival-goers from year to year at the festival. With three to four shows a day in each of its rooms, we really can say that at Zoofest, every night is a like little weekend!