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Darren Henwood

Darren Henwood






Darren Henwood is the host of the My First Time Show at this year’s Zoofest. Hailing originally from Scotland, Darren has been bringing his lively and energetic comedic perspective to the stages of Canada since 2010. Having started his comedy career as both a performer and comedy promoter in his native Glasgow, Darren performed around Scotland and at the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival before turning his back on the industry for 10 years. However after moving to Canada he took to the stage again in an effort to find his niche in ‘The New World’. On stage Darren reveals hilarious true stories from his own life along with imparting a Scotsman's perception of North American culture during his sets (which often end up with audience members dragged into them with hysterical results). As a comedian, Darren is most recognised as a host on the Montreal club circuit. He uses quick witted sarcasm and an array of comedic taunts to put audiences in hilarious and sometimes uncomfortable situations while keeping them on the edge of their seats, that is if he hasn’t pulled them up onstage. Having already performed at Just For Laugh's version of Zoofest as part of the bilingual Anglos vs. Francos show (2012), and opening up for such international names as Doug Stanhope, during his Tiny Blisters Tour (2013) and Iranian/American Maz Jobrani (2014) Darren is quickly becoming a name in the Canadian comedy scene that you don't want to miss. Follow him @darrenhenwood on Twitter or on Facebook.

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