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"Free tour inner panther"

Volunteer for Zoofest!

Zoofest comedy festival is recruiting volunteers for its 2014 edition.


You’re full of energy and motivation like the energizer bunny?


Jump into an edgy and wild universe for a couple of weeks this summer. Here’s how you can join our team:


Write to benevoles@zoofest.com  


Tell us about yourself and why you should be part of our team. Be creative! You can send us a short video (30 sec. max) or write a few lines about yourself. Make sure to include your full name and birth date.


We’re already piling up applications so hurry up and reach us before it’s too late (places are limited).


Advice : Keep it simple stupid, no need for video editing and stay real.



With about a 100 shows in 10 venues, our team will sure need arms and brain power. Help us make Zoofest the craziest festival out there.

YOUR MISSION (should you decide to accept it):

- Greeting and Guiding
This position is crucial to customer satisfaction. It consists in providing information (directions, schedule and other FAQs) and guiding participants through their Zoofest journey.

- Box Office

One or two volunteers will be needed for each venue. They’ll manage guest lists and pass holders, check tickets and accurately count how many people are in the audience for each show.

- Promotion

We are everywhere, all the time! So we need energetic volunteers to give away flyers, to put up posters, and get the word out!

- All this hard labour for...

Volunteers will receive a Volunteer Zoopass granting access to all shows! They’ll also get special invitations and freebies from our sponsors. Keep in mind that Zoofest is a great opportunity to gain experience in show business and meet inspiring artists and producers.

The ball is in your court!


Fill in the application form HERE


We want to hear from you : benevoles@zoofest.com



Détenteur de Zoopass

Vous pouvez réserver vos billets en ligne sur Zoopass.ca ou physiquement à La Vitrine. (Ste-Catherine Coin St-Laurent)

Pour tout savoir concernant la Zoopass. 


2 St Catherine St Montreal, QC H2X 1K4

Tel : 514-509-5273

Web: La Vitrine